Tuesday, 2 September 2014

We piled up in a group to take a selfi befor we left.
This is Me, Georiga and Tiana taking a selfi.              

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Production Dear Diary

We are waiting in room 3 for us to get on the stage I was so nervous  that my legs were shaking and goose bumps were popping out of my arms.waiting for Mrs Roil to give me a jelly bean .  She finds an brown jelly bean and says that is poo.  Soon it was our turn to get on stage. Here we go Charlotte is leading us up the stairs and out in front of the crowd.

Friday, 1 August 2014

A retell

WALT retell the stories we have read.

I must remember to:
-identify the main ideas in the story
-put the story into the correct order
-use keywords that the author has used
- make sure my story has told the same story

Whats the big idea?
Who-  Girl, Dad, Mum
What-  A family going on holiday and whenever they pass the road the see a yellow sign and the girl asked her dad what it means.
Where-  A bush
When-  During the day
Why-  Holiday
How-  CarA
Retell your text in your own words:

One day a family was going on holiday. Every holiday they would load up their car with all the stuff that they need to go with them. They took their tent the chilly bins and fishing rods to go camping in the bush. After they loaded all there stuff and dad started to leave the city.

My Sister

As sister and I were play fighting, she was so rough that she came to me so close and kicked me in the stomach. It was so painful it felt like I couldn't breath for a second. I started to fall on the ground and think to myself I need to harden up.  I got up off the ground and I started to hurt her. Whenever I hurt her, she gets very loud.  That’s how our Aunty can hear five blocks away from us.

My sister is very bossy to me, mostly every single day. She tells me to get that, do that, bla bla bla.  It is very annoying because I have to do it. She says, “hurry up!” or I will go and tell on you and I don’t want to be the one getting in trouble. It is worse when you're getting a smack though.

“HURRY UP” says sister in the car beeping the horn.  Mum walks out off the door and says “well why didn’t you help your mother make your bed”. As mum says lets go and get some groceries I say “ok”  and sister says “bla bla bla” blocking her ears while mum is speaking in front off her face.

My sister sits there holding her phone in her bed. She is very lazy I can’t understand how she goes on facebook every day after school it feels like she is getting bored already and I think she is. BEEP BEEP the phone call’s finally she is off facebook she picks up the phone and says “hello but what happened the phone hang up so she went back on facebook to chat chat chat or she would play candy crush.

My sister takes care of me she looks after me and she loves I love it when she loves me because we get along much more better and mum does not get us in trouble any more and I love her to.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Going Shopping

Going Shopping
Wow, what a exciting day! On Monday my Cousin, Aunty and I went to  Wellington to see my other Cousin. Firstly we went to dress mart. Me and my cousin went to go and get some converses I got black and she got bluey whitey.   We were finally a size 3.
Secondly, we all went to the mall.   We shopped for hours. We got clothes and more shoes. Once we finished shopping we went to go and get lunch. For lunch I got was sushi I got the chicken sushi it was delicious.

Right in the middle of city was the hotel we stayed in.  It had 2 beds 1 tv and a big light at the back of the beds. We also got a menu up in the hotel  and thats where we got our deserts and for dessert I got Ice cream with chocolate topping with cherry on top to finish it off and it was superb. For dinner I got a pita pocket with veggies and fries and it was delicious too.

When we jumped in the car we started to leave it was a long drove back home. As soon as we get back home my Aunt dropped me off at my house  I was so happy to be back home my mummy missed me too. I packed my clothes up and went back over to my Aunt's house and said  thank you for having me. and then I went back home and went asleep because I was so tired.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Matriki (workshopes)Kitemaking

Matariki (workshops) kite making

On Tuesday June the 17th it was Matariki day.   We had to pay three dollars for it. First, we went to go and see a maori show in the hall the four boys names were Lucky, Jordan, Ray and Aroha, and  a girl named Hira.

After that, we went to our workshops.  My first workshop was making a poi we were making the pois with Emma and that is Nazs mum.  We had to do a lot of knotting and I went with Catlin and Tarsha. Then it was morning tea.

The next workshop for me was making a kite. I had to make a kite at morning tea and lunch time because the kite making takes two hours and the group that I was with was only me and Jasman. First we had to pull little straps of the green flax and one person had to get 3 toi tois of the table and that was me. When I got the toi tois me and Jasmine had to tie some  green flax to the three toi tois so it could be really tight. After we had to get some dried up flax and put them on the  three toi tois and get some  green flax and do plats in the middle of the toi toi and do plats on the outside of the toi tois so the whole entire kite is stabled enough. After everyone was finished there kites we all had to clean up the mess on the ground me and Mrs morris vacumed while everyone else was picking up the sticks from the ground and chucking them in the bin.

Once everything was packed up Adam's mum said to go to the library so I went to the library and I went to go and do the string games because I had nothing to do. So I went over and listened to the lady that was taking it we made a tea cup and cat whiskers. After that was finished we went back to our own class rooms and packed up.  We packed up we went to go and get our bags and computer and our homework books.

We did all the stuff we had to go and sit on the mat with Mrs morris we had to sit with Mrs morris because Henry was sick and Mrs roil had to go and look after him. When we were with Mrs morris Jagdip  asked Mrs morris if we called play silent ball and she said yes and I got out first and the bell rang and we were going to get some notices but Mrs morris said by room ten so we went home.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Visual Writing

The freaky teacher.

My story is called The freaky teacher .The idea behind my picture is the  freaky teacher and it is pretty scary . Becs and Isaiah went to school and their was a freaky teacher called Mr Bennet.
What type of audience would like this story?

This book is about a man that freaked Becs when the Becs was opening the door. The characters are  Mr Bennet he is the freaky teacher and the other character is Becs. Once you know who the characters are we can carry on with the story.

The reason that I chose my title is because the teacher is freaky and it keeps on looking at becs. I positioned it at the top of the page where it is not covering the picture. I wrote it in block letters.

I don’t want any little kids that is under 8 years old to read my story because they might get freaked out and they might scream during the story so audience sit and enjoy this story.

Monday, 19 May 2014


Hockey Skills

            Hockey Skills

Hockey is a team sport that has different ways of being played. It is played in the winter and it can be played on a field, turf or ice.To play hockey you need a candy cane shaped stick and a small hard ball. You need at least 11 players to have a team. Hockey can also be a bit dangerous so you should wear safety gear like a mouth guard shin pads and shoes in case of injuries like losing teeth or getting smacked on your shins.

There are two main parts of hockey they are blocking and striking. Blocking is stopping the ball and striking is hitting the ball.   

Firstly, in blocking you need to be straight on. That means that the      flat part of your stick needs to be facing forwards ready to stop the ball. You also need to keep your body behind the stick.

Secondly,  give a little. Giving a little is moving backwards a little bit then come forwards to stop the ball. If you don’t do this then your stick might snap in half.

Thirdly, you need to keep your eye on the ball. Keeping your eye on the ball  so that you know we’re it’s going and you don’t hit yourself with the stick.

Hockey is a team sport that has different ways of being played and you need only 11 people in one single team.  

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Thank you Pam

Parkvale School,
Howard St,

Dear Pam,

Thank you for coming to Camp with Room 10. We enjoyed you coming to camp with us. You were a great parent it was so much fun.

One of my favorite parts about camp was when we went rock climbing. I learnt how to use my strength and push up to the next rock. The dark one was cool but hard because when I got up to the middle it was very dark and there were hardly any more rocks left.

I really wanted to thank you for teaching me how to rock climb.

Kind regards,
Aspen Petera.

Me climbing

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Night Glow Sticks]`


As we go into the tent we hopped in our sleeping bags, and started to play with Ella’s Glow Sticks. The colour that I got was blue. Ella got pink and Leilani and Imaan got green. After that we were playing with the Glow Sticks for a long time so we started to bend and shake the fun Glow Sticks to see what they will do and it did make a funny nose. As I go and bend it and shake it suddenly…POOF it Exploded I looked at my hands and oh - oh it was all over me on my mattress on my sleeping bag and on my clothes and hands it was not cool.

Ella went to go to tell Mrs Roil and so Mrs Roil came over and asked us what happened. So we told Mrs Roil what happened so after that she took me inside so I can wash my hands and have a little break from the fun Glow Sticks. After I washed my hands Mrs Roil carried me out to the tent.

When we got to the tent I hopped back into my sleeping bag and then Mrs Roil said to all of us to not play with the glow sticks and not to talk. So we went to bed and I was the first person to go to sleep because I was really tired from the Glow Sticks. I am never going to play with Glow Sticks N E V E R    E V E R . In the middle of the night I could still see the ink from the Glow Sticks. It was shinning really really bright. So I woke up and told Imaan. In the morning I could not see the ink any more lucky that is over because I do not want to see a single Glow Stick in my LIFE.Emoticons: Sleeping faceThis Is On Saturday.

The fish kiss

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Irene Van Dyke

My Famous netball player is

I was born 21 June 1972 and in South Africa. I am 41 years old and I can still play netball. I am the best shooter in the team and catcher because I am Irene Van Dyke.

When we were playing netball we called our team the Pulse. We met when we were in college. I worked as a  teacher in Napier.  I try to work hard at work and at home.

I joined the Silver Ferns squad in the New Zealand championship round.
I was playing my first game for the silver ferns when I had to face Australia.  We won that game.    I went on to play for the Silver Ferns for a long time and am still playing now.

I have had a long career playing for New Zealand and am going to continue playing.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tag Rugby

     Tag Rugby:

In the summer I go out and play tag rugby.  I put my rugby boots on and have breakfast while I’m watching T.V.  After that we get out of the car from home. I went to get my drink bottle,my towel and my sweat shirt. When we got to the rugby field we started to warm up and run around the rugby field 2 times for me and 4 times for my big cousin.  I was really excited because I wanted to beat the team that we were facing and we had to face thunder and warriors.  I make sure that I have heaps of energy to play tag rugby.and after the game I go and see what the score was and the score was 8 and 6  After the game my uncle says that I have to have a game with him and when we play he always wins, but the best part that I love the most is when I always loose and have……… FUN .

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Explorer

 Sally Ride was famously known for being the first American woman in space.

Sally Ride was born in Los Angeles on May 26th 1951 and died July 23rd, 2012 at the age of 61 from cancer and died in La Jolla, California.

Sally Ride was the first American women to go to space. She rode to space in the space shuttle challenger with a five person crew and were the first people to use the robot arm using it to retrieve the satellite. She spent 343 hours in space.

She was married to Steven Hawley in 1982. After Sally Ride hadl;? been a space women she helped to make a school. Sally ride was smart in many special ways. Sally Ride loved to play sports when she was little and when she was in school.

In 1977, she answered a special add for NASA. Sometimes when Sally Ride plays sports she likes to play baseball, cricket and football with boys.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Finally Christmas has come. I wake up at 4.oo.am if santa had come. I could see my santa sack full of lots presents. The five presents that I liked the most was a toy monkey, hair chalk, diary, skateboard and a new bike.
I was so excited but mum told me to try and go back to sleep but I couldn’t.  I stayed awake until 5.00am and then shouted “wake up people it is Christmas day!” I went running through the hallway screaming my head off like I was going to blow up!
My cousins jumped up to see their Christmas sacks so we wrapped our presents and there were so much. my
Nan cooked us all a very big breakfast and then we had to go up to my uncles and aunties   had a water bomb fight at my nan and pops house for it.  Then we went back home and ate some popcorn, cake, lollies and  chocolate, while we watched funny movies. When we watched the  my place to prepare all the lunch stuff before all of our family started to arrive. Me,  my movies I fell asleep in the middle of mum and dad’s conversation. While mum and dad were talking and I was asleep, I was kicking mum and .dad’s faces and my family’s faces too.

By Aspen Petera?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Moment in time: at splash planet

Going to splash planet:

I heard the water splashing loud and people screaming.
I heard my friend shouting out to me.
I saw the water dripping down from the water slide.
I saw a man doing a belly flop in the pool.
I felt the wind blowing.
I felt super nervous to go down the straight slide.
I wondered if it was going to be scary or not.
I wondered if I would get a wedge down the straight slide.