Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Finally Christmas has come. I wake up at 4.oo.am if santa had come. I could see my santa sack full of lots presents. The five presents that I liked the most was a toy monkey, hair chalk, diary, skateboard and a new bike.
I was so excited but mum told me to try and go back to sleep but I couldn’t.  I stayed awake until 5.00am and then shouted “wake up people it is Christmas day!” I went running through the hallway screaming my head off like I was going to blow up!
My cousins jumped up to see their Christmas sacks so we wrapped our presents and there were so much. my
Nan cooked us all a very big breakfast and then we had to go up to my uncles and aunties   had a water bomb fight at my nan and pops house for it.  Then we went back home and ate some popcorn, cake, lollies and  chocolate, while we watched funny movies. When we watched the  my place to prepare all the lunch stuff before all of our family started to arrive. Me,  my movies I fell asleep in the middle of mum and dad’s conversation. While mum and dad were talking and I was asleep, I was kicking mum and .dad’s faces and my family’s faces too.

By Aspen Petera?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Moment in time: at splash planet

Going to splash planet:

I heard the water splashing loud and people screaming.
I heard my friend shouting out to me.
I saw the water dripping down from the water slide.
I saw a man doing a belly flop in the pool.
I felt the wind blowing.
I felt super nervous to go down the straight slide.
I wondered if it was going to be scary or not.
I wondered if I would get a wedge down the straight slide.