Thursday, 27 March 2014

Irene Van Dyke

My Famous netball player is

I was born 21 June 1972 and in South Africa. I am 41 years old and I can still play netball. I am the best shooter in the team and catcher because I am Irene Van Dyke.

When we were playing netball we called our team the Pulse. We met when we were in college. I worked as a  teacher in Napier.  I try to work hard at work and at home.

I joined the Silver Ferns squad in the New Zealand championship round.
I was playing my first game for the silver ferns when I had to face Australia.  We won that game.    I went on to play for the Silver Ferns for a long time and am still playing now.

I have had a long career playing for New Zealand and am going to continue playing.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tag Rugby

     Tag Rugby:

In the summer I go out and play tag rugby.  I put my rugby boots on and have breakfast while I’m watching T.V.  After that we get out of the car from home. I went to get my drink bottle,my towel and my sweat shirt. When we got to the rugby field we started to warm up and run around the rugby field 2 times for me and 4 times for my big cousin.  I was really excited because I wanted to beat the team that we were facing and we had to face thunder and warriors.  I make sure that I have heaps of energy to play tag rugby.and after the game I go and see what the score was and the score was 8 and 6  After the game my uncle says that I have to have a game with him and when we play he always wins, but the best part that I love the most is when I always loose and have……… FUN .

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Explorer

 Sally Ride was famously known for being the first American woman in space.

Sally Ride was born in Los Angeles on May 26th 1951 and died July 23rd, 2012 at the age of 61 from cancer and died in La Jolla, California.

Sally Ride was the first American women to go to space. She rode to space in the space shuttle challenger with a five person crew and were the first people to use the robot arm using it to retrieve the satellite. She spent 343 hours in space.

She was married to Steven Hawley in 1982. After Sally Ride hadl;? been a space women she helped to make a school. Sally ride was smart in many special ways. Sally Ride loved to play sports when she was little and when she was in school.

In 1977, she answered a special add for NASA. Sometimes when Sally Ride plays sports she likes to play baseball, cricket and football with boys.