Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Thank you Pam

Parkvale School,
Howard St,

Dear Pam,

Thank you for coming to Camp with Room 10. We enjoyed you coming to camp with us. You were a great parent it was so much fun.

One of my favorite parts about camp was when we went rock climbing. I learnt how to use my strength and push up to the next rock. The dark one was cool but hard because when I got up to the middle it was very dark and there were hardly any more rocks left.

I really wanted to thank you for teaching me how to rock climb.

Kind regards,
Aspen Petera.

Me climbing

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Night Glow Sticks]`


As we go into the tent we hopped in our sleeping bags, and started to play with Ella’s Glow Sticks. The colour that I got was blue. Ella got pink and Leilani and Imaan got green. After that we were playing with the Glow Sticks for a long time so we started to bend and shake the fun Glow Sticks to see what they will do and it did make a funny nose. As I go and bend it and shake it suddenly…POOF it Exploded I looked at my hands and oh - oh it was all over me on my mattress on my sleeping bag and on my clothes and hands it was not cool.

Ella went to go to tell Mrs Roil and so Mrs Roil came over and asked us what happened. So we told Mrs Roil what happened so after that she took me inside so I can wash my hands and have a little break from the fun Glow Sticks. After I washed my hands Mrs Roil carried me out to the tent.

When we got to the tent I hopped back into my sleeping bag and then Mrs Roil said to all of us to not play with the glow sticks and not to talk. So we went to bed and I was the first person to go to sleep because I was really tired from the Glow Sticks. I am never going to play with Glow Sticks N E V E R    E V E R . In the middle of the night I could still see the ink from the Glow Sticks. It was shinning really really bright. So I woke up and told Imaan. In the morning I could not see the ink any more lucky that is over because I do not want to see a single Glow Stick in my LIFE.Emoticons: Sleeping faceThis Is On Saturday.

The fish kiss