Monday, 19 May 2014


Hockey Skills

            Hockey Skills

Hockey is a team sport that has different ways of being played. It is played in the winter and it can be played on a field, turf or ice.To play hockey you need a candy cane shaped stick and a small hard ball. You need at least 11 players to have a team. Hockey can also be a bit dangerous so you should wear safety gear like a mouth guard shin pads and shoes in case of injuries like losing teeth or getting smacked on your shins.

There are two main parts of hockey they are blocking and striking. Blocking is stopping the ball and striking is hitting the ball.   

Firstly, in blocking you need to be straight on. That means that the      flat part of your stick needs to be facing forwards ready to stop the ball. You also need to keep your body behind the stick.

Secondly,  give a little. Giving a little is moving backwards a little bit then come forwards to stop the ball. If you don’t do this then your stick might snap in half.

Thirdly, you need to keep your eye on the ball. Keeping your eye on the ball  so that you know we’re it’s going and you don’t hit yourself with the stick.

Hockey is a team sport that has different ways of being played and you need only 11 people in one single team.