Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Matriki (workshopes)Kitemaking

Matariki (workshops) kite making

On Tuesday June the 17th it was Matariki day.   We had to pay three dollars for it. First, we went to go and see a maori show in the hall the four boys names were Lucky, Jordan, Ray and Aroha, and  a girl named Hira.

After that, we went to our workshops.  My first workshop was making a poi we were making the pois with Emma and that is Nazs mum.  We had to do a lot of knotting and I went with Catlin and Tarsha. Then it was morning tea.

The next workshop for me was making a kite. I had to make a kite at morning tea and lunch time because the kite making takes two hours and the group that I was with was only me and Jasman. First we had to pull little straps of the green flax and one person had to get 3 toi tois of the table and that was me. When I got the toi tois me and Jasmine had to tie some  green flax to the three toi tois so it could be really tight. After we had to get some dried up flax and put them on the  three toi tois and get some  green flax and do plats in the middle of the toi toi and do plats on the outside of the toi tois so the whole entire kite is stabled enough. After everyone was finished there kites we all had to clean up the mess on the ground me and Mrs morris vacumed while everyone else was picking up the sticks from the ground and chucking them in the bin.

Once everything was packed up Adam's mum said to go to the library so I went to the library and I went to go and do the string games because I had nothing to do. So I went over and listened to the lady that was taking it we made a tea cup and cat whiskers. After that was finished we went back to our own class rooms and packed up.  We packed up we went to go and get our bags and computer and our homework books.

We did all the stuff we had to go and sit on the mat with Mrs morris we had to sit with Mrs morris because Henry was sick and Mrs roil had to go and look after him. When we were with Mrs morris Jagdip  asked Mrs morris if we called play silent ball and she said yes and I got out first and the bell rang and we were going to get some notices but Mrs morris said by room ten so we went home.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Visual Writing

The freaky teacher.

My story is called The freaky teacher .The idea behind my picture is the  freaky teacher and it is pretty scary . Becs and Isaiah went to school and their was a freaky teacher called Mr Bennet.
What type of audience would like this story?

This book is about a man that freaked Becs when the Becs was opening the door. The characters are  Mr Bennet he is the freaky teacher and the other character is Becs. Once you know who the characters are we can carry on with the story.

The reason that I chose my title is because the teacher is freaky and it keeps on looking at becs. I positioned it at the top of the page where it is not covering the picture. I wrote it in block letters.

I don’t want any little kids that is under 8 years old to read my story because they might get freaked out and they might scream during the story so audience sit and enjoy this story.