Thursday, 24 July 2014

Going Shopping

Going Shopping
Wow, what a exciting day! On Monday my Cousin, Aunty and I went to  Wellington to see my other Cousin. Firstly we went to dress mart. Me and my cousin went to go and get some converses I got black and she got bluey whitey.   We were finally a size 3.
Secondly, we all went to the mall.   We shopped for hours. We got clothes and more shoes. Once we finished shopping we went to go and get lunch. For lunch I got was sushi I got the chicken sushi it was delicious.

Right in the middle of city was the hotel we stayed in.  It had 2 beds 1 tv and a big light at the back of the beds. We also got a menu up in the hotel  and thats where we got our deserts and for dessert I got Ice cream with chocolate topping with cherry on top to finish it off and it was superb. For dinner I got a pita pocket with veggies and fries and it was delicious too.

When we jumped in the car we started to leave it was a long drove back home. As soon as we get back home my Aunt dropped me off at my house  I was so happy to be back home my mummy missed me too. I packed my clothes up and went back over to my Aunt's house and said  thank you for having me. and then I went back home and went asleep because I was so tired.