Friday, 1 August 2014

My Sister

As sister and I were play fighting, she was so rough that she came to me so close and kicked me in the stomach. It was so painful it felt like I couldn't breath for a second. I started to fall on the ground and think to myself I need to harden up.  I got up off the ground and I started to hurt her. Whenever I hurt her, she gets very loud.  That’s how our Aunty can hear five blocks away from us.

My sister is very bossy to me, mostly every single day. She tells me to get that, do that, bla bla bla.  It is very annoying because I have to do it. She says, “hurry up!” or I will go and tell on you and I don’t want to be the one getting in trouble. It is worse when you're getting a smack though.

“HURRY UP” says sister in the car beeping the horn.  Mum walks out off the door and says “well why didn’t you help your mother make your bed”. As mum says lets go and get some groceries I say “ok”  and sister says “bla bla bla” blocking her ears while mum is speaking in front off her face.

My sister sits there holding her phone in her bed. She is very lazy I can’t understand how she goes on facebook every day after school it feels like she is getting bored already and I think she is. BEEP BEEP the phone call’s finally she is off facebook she picks up the phone and says “hello but what happened the phone hang up so she went back on facebook to chat chat chat or she would play candy crush.

My sister takes care of me she looks after me and she loves I love it when she loves me because we get along much more better and mum does not get us in trouble any more and I love her to.


  1. Wow Aspen I love the first paragraph its amazing

  2. Wow aspen that was a great story I loved it
    keep up the good work

  3. That story is amazing Aspen. Keep up the great work