Friday, 13 March 2015

Retell with a twist!!!

Spider-Man COLOR by txboi001Image result for kraven the hunter
It was 7.00am in the morning in New york  city and as the sun rises so does the amazing spider man. He had already been through 2 adventures, stopping  robbers with his web slinger from robbing a bank and from stealing a car. But then it was time for spidey to take off his mask  and costume and head off to the zoo.

It was a lovely day for the zoo just because he could have some fun with his friend Mary. Peter Parker loved the zoo but just at that  moment his spidey senses were tingling which meant something or someone was in danger.
“Somebody help!” screamed the zookeeper. “The giant powerful gorilla has escaped  from his enclosure.”
And what a big gorilla it was. It was 4 times the size of a man and it was so powerful that it could crush a truck with it’s whole furry body. Peter Parker realised that the gorilla was just an animal but not a tame animal and it could  badly injure someone.

When everyone was looking at the gorilla frightened Peter snuck away and  transformed into his costume. But just as Spider Man returned somebody else had captured the gorilla. It was Kraven the hunter, the greatest hunter alive. He was showing how powerful he was and who the king of the jungle really was. The crowd  applauded as Kraven quickly jumped on the gorilla and neck locked the gorilla and then dragged it back into it’s enclosure.

Spider man asked  “What are you doing here Kraven?”
Kraven immediately replied “ I am here  to hunt down the most dangerous man but not any man…... SPIDER MAN!!!”
“What me? No you don’t want to hurt spidey.”
Without a warning, BOOM!!!! Kraven smashed spider man but luckily spider man jumped  up off the ground just in time for the whip to hit spider man.Spider man used his web slinger and tried again and again and he was in trouble.

As Kraven and Spider man were fighting a powerful woman called Ice Lady came in and saved the day with her ice powers and froze the most powerful king in the jungle.

After that spider man had to leave and go and celebrate with Mary.

Friday, 6 March 2015