Friday, 15 May 2015


Flanders Fields.
I heard the guns of Flanders Fields below
I heard the birds flying high not low
I saw the sunset brightly glow
among the dying falling slow
I felt the bravery in my body grow
I wondered who really is my foe

by Aspen

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Moment In Time.

It was with 8 months of hard training in April 25th 1915 and I was one of the anzac soldier's.  I was in the boat and we were heading off to the Gallipoli peninsula in turkey. More than 12,000 troops were getting ready to fight the Turks to capture their capital city, Constantinople.

On board the ship I was feeling Confident, Brave and nervous. we were joking and laughing “The Turks don’t know what they're in for.”

All the soldiers jump out of the row boats and slid down the hard wobbly rope ladder and into the freezing cold sea water. As the soldiers jump into the seawater MILLIONS of soldiers started to drown because of their heavy packs on there body. Even Though MILLIONS of soldiers died they were still struggling to get to the shore. With our heavy suits on our back side and waste the battle started then.

AHHHHHH among the sound of screaming, Hail of bullets firing at all the soldiers blood, dripping, People dying, and people drowning it was a terrible sight. All the Anzac soldiers were fighting to be survivors even though some people still died they still fighted for it.

What To Do If You Get Lost


* Don’t Panic
* Stay Calm
* Stop Where You Are
* Listen For Other call
* Yell For Help
* Stay Where You Are
* Stay On Track
* Mark The Way By (Bending Branches)
* Stay Warm And Keep Calm
* Try And Make A Shelter
* Use Your Pack To Keep You Warm

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