Tuesday, 30 June 2015


As the Kauri hub sits in Room 11 and waits until Mrs Lowe announces the people who are going to there workshops for 9:15.

As my name gets called out for rakau I go and meet the lady Maliana. She presents herself with a presentation. As Corbyn and Aniala gives us rakkaus we get into pairs of 2 my buddy was Teg and Myself.

When my workshop was done the kauri hub had their morning tea in room 10. After we had morning tea we had a 15 minute play.

When the hand bell rings we go to our next workshop my workshop was cooking. As I get to the hall kitchen for cooking I get the rewena bread of Jena I start to roll it in a pile  of flour. When it was all finished Myself and Nikita take it over to the staffroom and cook for an hour and 180dg.

When all of our matariki workshops were done we had the matariki maori people came and taught us maori games like knuckle bones, hand games and string games.


When Me, and Mum go and finish getting Tiaana’s gears from her car, We went to go and get breakfast from Mcdonald's. I was thinking of what to get, I decided that I was going to get pancakes Tiaana had the same idea of pancakes aswell.

A few minutes ago after we finished our Mac’s we finally got home.

As we get inside Me, and Tiaana get changed out of our netball clothes. As we finished that we start the blindfolded makeup challenge.

As I get all the makeup out and got it all ready we start. Me, and Tiaana went first she did me first and it was really made out well but when I did her it was hilarious because I got all eyeliner every wier and lipstick on her monobrow.

Just about 9:30 at night  we made homemade pizzas for dinner and mine was delicious. After we ate that we got into our pj’s and watched a movie and then we went to bed and waited until the next morning.  

yellow smiley face : Free


Name: Piper
Age: 2 Yrs                                     
Address: 21 jump dog street
Family: 3 Sisters, and 1 Brother
Hobbies: Fighting with Winnie
Personality: Fussy, Hungry
Good habit: Amazing at eating
Bad habit: Knocking things over


It was a day when I was relaxing on the furniture my care taker had to go and work so I was all by myself. So I did it I took the milk I went to my room looked in the mirror I looked different then I was I looked fat then I was so I kept on drinking the rest until the care taker was here he came to my room and saw me drinking the milk and then I got grounded Hmm oh well at least when the caretaker went goes back to work I can keep on drinking the milk.          Image result for piper the dog of bratayleyImage result for piper the dog of bratayley

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Camp Kaitawa





An African fish eagle catching

*1. Each year the amount of wrybills are getting smaller.
*2. People may accidentally smash the eggs by walking, or driving over them.
*3. The wrybills camouflage can put them at risk because people using the riverbed don’t know the birds are there.


Please look after our wrybill birds because they are native to New Zealand.