Monday, 16 November 2015

My Grandparent Biography:

Profile of a cat or a dog:

Name: Piper
Age: 2 Yrs                                     
Address: 21 jump dog street
Family: 3 Sisters, and 1 Brother
Hobbies: Fighting with Winnie
Personality: Fussy, Hungry
Good habit: Amazing at eating
Bad habit: Knocking things over


It was a day when I was relaxing on the furniture my care taker had to go and work so I was all by myself. So I did it I took the milk I went to my room looked in the mirror I looked different then I was I looked fat then I was so I kept on drinking the rest until the caretaker was here. He came to my room and saw me drinking the milk and then I got grounded Hm oh well at least when the caretaker goes back to work I can keep on drinking the milk and that will me the job for today.          Image result for piper the dog of bratayleyImage result for piper the dog of bratayley

Friday, 13 November 2015

My Hangi Recount:

Hangi Recount:

On Friday the 30th of october Parkvale school had a big hangi on the field. All the parkvale students had to bring one of their Grandparents to celebrate the hangi.

Before we had the hangi we went to our buddy classes to prepare the potatoes and kumara with room 8 and room 5. I went to room 8 to help them prepare the food. We stayed in room 8 and 5 for about an hour to prepare the food before the hangi.

As soon as we finished preparing the food for the hangi we went to get our grandparents and went to go and see the hangi. After we went to see the hangi we went to our class rooms to go and enjoy the food that the adults and us children prepared.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My Passionate about Netball:

One thing I am passionate about is Netball and if I could have a class for a day it will be about teaching the parkvale learners how to play Netball and how to be a much more developed Netball player. The lessons when I teach the children of their skills for netball will be Shooting, Intercepting, Defence and passing. I will follow through with their Netball skills of their own that they already know. The reason why Netball passionates me because of the experience ‘s of all the things that you learn and going into a develop Netball player. When the parkvale children have learned all their skills for on the court there are some specific positions the positions are GA, GD, GS, GK, WA, WD, C. The first game started for the parkvale children although we might have to stop in the game but that game today will be my day of Netball.