Thursday, 24 March 2016

Camp Reflection

After all our experiences and camp we decided to go to the hot pools just to have a little bit of fun.
In all of our challenges each group got to go down to the river and do tubing.
In another one of the challenges we had to do was the fear factor and that was not that much fun.
At camp during the night we got put in to groups of 9 and we got to toilet paper the teachers.
At Camp Omatua we had heaps of activities and fun ones so we decided to play elastics.
When we were doing all of our challenges / activities we had one which was trying to make backpacks with a group in threes.
In one of the challenges we had to go down a slip and slide.
My Highlight at camp.
At camp my highlight was all the challenges and all the camp
experiences. I loved all of the challenges and camp and I appreciate all the parents
that put all the challenges up for all of us kids. The most favourite activity at camp that I did was
the chocolate game because all of the kids in our group participated and cheered for every one and the
most favourite thing in the game was the chocolate because I got the most :)
Something that challenged me at camp.
The thing that challenged me was the activity that you had to make all the stuff with paper and also the slip and slide and the tubing. The one when you had to do the paper stuff was difficult for me because it was hard to put it together because you only got given the amount that the parents gave you. For the tubing is was difficult for me because you had to turn your body around in the tube so you don't crash into the wall.
And last of all was the slip an slide. This one was the most hardest one because you had to run up so you could get a good grip on the slip and so you could go much faster. When you go down the slip and slide it hurts on you thighs because they drag on the slide and it hurts really bad. The most difficult thing about the slip and slide was when I had to try and beat the high score for the furtherest slide but that was fun because I made it past the mark.
What I really Enjoyed at camp.
At camp the most thing I enjoyed was going to Weka to do all the fun stuff and to go over the bridge,

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Maths Strategy

My Show Me.
I have been learning to do this doubling and halving strategy because I did not know that much about the strategy which was doubling and halving that well but now I know how to do it because of all the maths strategy's and of all the maths experiences that I have been learning. Now in the maths I just add it into to other maths strategies so I can use it when its best.
I am proud of this show me because I think I put a lot of detail in the maths so you know what the maths is about and the strategy is explained.
Something that challenged me in the maths was the part when I had to add the maths strategy up and because I had to double one side and half the other side and then times the maths strategy up.
Next time I could to a harder number so it seems more difficult for me to double and half the sides and harder so I have to add it and times it at the end,
I really enjoyed this maths strategy which was the doubling and halving because I got to learn more about it and I hope i get to move up a harder level for maths strategy's. It works best for 4x and 5x because I know my 2x and 10x.