Friday, 15 April 2016


I did this piece of art to show all about me. I put heaps of detailed pictures in the piece of art so it looks like a seniors art. Art is special because it has patience in it and it has concentration in art.

My A stands for my hard work in Netball and all the positions that I love to be in. Putting the Netball signs on the letter A was difficult because I had to concentrate so I did not make a mistake.

My S stands for the art splodges and for all the art that I do and how art inspires me. I loved art since I was a little girl. I kept on carrying on with the art because it is very special and you always need to keep practising and then you will get better at it.

My P stands for my family. Some part of my family is Maori. My family learns heaps of Maori language to learn about the Maori tradition.

My E stands for water because I love the water and I love to learn more swimming skills so I can get better for some international swimming competitions.

My N stands for the Silver Ferns because I love netball and I would love to learn all the skills that they have so I can be as good as they are.

I am proud of this art piece because when it got tough I did not give up.

I put heaps of hard work in the art so it could be extra good as how I would usually do the art.
For art you need to concentrate on it so it does not get all messy.

This art represents all the things the I like and love to do. This art makes me feel special because it has all my family in it and all the summer things I like to do.

Completing this art I learnt that you should not rush through it so it does not make a big mess. You have to keep on practising and also you have to take time in it.
Using all the pieces for the art it became a beautiful piece of art work that I could do again