Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I am poem

I did this I am poem because it all inspires me for what I love to do. The thing I could work on is to put a little bit more information in it and so it makes (sense). The thing I enjoyed about this I am poem is that all the writing in it is all about what I enjoy. What I can improve in this poem is to put more interesting vocabulary in it.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

In The Jungle!

In the jungle you must wait until you reach a five or eight ? Entering in the jungle I hear the crackle under my foot from the sound of leaves. Sniffing around like a creached animal until I tumble down on one foot to been rolled, on a piece of brick wood game. Glaring at the game with hearing a BANG I pick the game up with my two bare hands swiping the dust off.

The banging stops with a sound of silence. Looking at the game I see the title saying JUMANJI. Opening the game I pear and see two dices with these weird looking checkers. Picking the dice up within hearing the clock with a big sound of a DING DONG. As the dice drops down out of my hands I turn my head with the dice been a three and a five. Going to look back at the game see the checkers moving by itself thinking that it is magnetized. Seeking with my eyes to see what it says I see a name.

 Looking back in the middle for the question I hear the sound of rattling monkeys coming down from somewhere. As my eyes were peering around the jungle I see a stairway. Heading to the stair way I tumble down the stairs from falling over a rock. As I end up at the end from 100 stairs looking at my knee I see a purple aubergine browse. As I was entering the master chef kitchen I see monkeys EVERYWHERE. Using the Cereal, Milk, Toast and even KNIVES poking into the wooden door.

Thinking in my head as I am walking back upstairs that the monkeys properly came from the game. Grabbing the game heading to a bunch of emerald green trees I start to sit down on the green grass. I roll the dice again. Getting one and a six taking a big breath before I even look in the middle. Looking back in the bobble saying….. ( These winged things are not much fun but be careful because you might have to run.) Saying to myself “ that does not sound good “ I look behind my head hearing the winged sound of bats coming from up above. As I see black winged things heading my way I knew that it was the bats that came from the game.

So I ran within picking up the game in seconds and running as fast as I could. Ending in this pitch black mud hole I say “ At least that I am safe in here. With one last bat entering in the hole on my shoulder I SCREAM and as I look at it hit it with the wooden brown game. Rolling the dice again getting a one and one thinking this is not going to be great. Peeking my head to the middle of the game saying……. ( It drips down from the sky thinking it is safe but not so easy. ) Covering the game over my head trying to climb back out of the whole I make it as well as running down stairs to the kitchen.

SLAMMING the door BANG being nice and safe and sound, gladly no monkeys in here. Only three spaces away I grab the dice waiting until I win until a man comes in with a gun saying “DROP IT “ in a deep voice. I say “whatever you say so.” Dropping one dice landing on a one and the other rolling down the stairs wondering what this number is. Hearing the sound of the dice has stopped.

 Looking back down at the game taking a big gulp in my mouth I see the magnetized checker moving, and ending up with the word saying JUMANJI. With the man at last trying to shoot me until the bullet stops everything that come out from the game disappeared back into the wooden game. Everything disappearing ending up at the bridge chucking the game down the lake feeling like it is 1978. Walking on the beach from fifteen years from the game happening. Hearing the sound saying “ In the jungle you must wait until you reach a five or eight?”

This writing is of a movie called JUMANJI. In a lot of parts in this story I made up myself. I love this story because a lot of stuff happen interesting in the story and I can not stop watching. In the story it starts with the same starting and the same ending. When I was dong this writing I put a lot of detail in it so it has a more WOW factor in the story and so it could make sense. In the story I could put more detail in it for when I went back to it. The thing that I enjoyed about this piece of writing was that I put a lot of effort into it so it sounds like the real movie and makes movies in the readers head.