Thursday, 2 June 2016

Tooth writing

Holding in the pain from my tooth I feel a tear coming down from the left side of my cheek. Squealing with my mouth open I hear the deafening noise and also the CRUNCH. I hold in the scream waiting for my tooth to be jammed out. As Dad gets ready to slam the door I pound up and down not wanting for this tooth to come out yet.Now saying to dad I don’t want this tooth to come out I say
“I should just leave it in there so the painful scream can not come out” Just saying that so Dad could notice that it can not be pulled out this one fine day, not going to be a fine day now though. As he pulls the string of the door handle I feel blood going into my mouth dripping on my tongue I gulp the blood as fast as I could and said BLAH. Putting my finger in the tooth I feel a piece of gum hanging out from the tooth. I Scampered to dad saying “ Dad I think this tooth needs to come out now from about 10 minutes later. Getting ready to slam the door I stiffen my self and again holding the scream in my my mouth. SLAM I felt the tooth pull out like a crackling chip doing its big CRUNCH. Also the  scream comes out. As Dad was blocking his ears from my immense thunderous scream  the tooth came out.  Tasting the sense of dripping coral red blood.15 minutes later from the tooth being pulled out I still feel the irritation pain. Holding the tooth in my hand I enter into the bathroom looking in the mirror I have a blurb about what I will get from the tooth fairy. Imagining me getting $50.00 or even $1000.00. Me making up that the tooth fairy is really rich that I am wanting to get $1000.00 and for the tooth fairy leaving me a note saying ( don’t be a spoiled brat. ) Getting ready to pound down on to my bed I put the tooth in a tooth box for the night getting ready for the tooth fairy to come. Turning the lights of I stare at the the tooth box waiting for the tooth fairy to grab my tooth and put the $1000.00 in my tooth box. 11:30pm in the night still waiting for the tooth fairy to come. As I hit the yawn I slowly close my eyes finally ready to go to bed.

Opening my eyes at 10:30 am I realized that I saw my tooth box on the table so I grabbed the tooth box and pulled the lid seeing if my $1000.00 is here. Pulling the top of the lid I peer into the tooth box seeing how much money there is. As the feel of shaking and I do not know why my hand or body is shaking but I grab the money out feeling coins saying to myself “ I know I didn't get the $1000.00 I expected.” Picking out the coins from the tooth box I count the money and only counted $7.50. I say “ the tooth fairy is not that rich I suppose “ thinking that the tooth fairy is my mother so she could give me how much money I want but I am not that much of a spoiled brat. Still holding the money in my hand as it is 12:15pm. PAST LUNCH  even I say to myself. As I am looking at the money not wanting money any more thinking of getting a IPad or even a bike or phone. As I was dealing with the money not the bike or the phone and even the I Pad I say to Mum “ mum can we go up to town today day or tomorrow “ she replied sure.” As it was the next day at the time of 8:47am in the morning I bolt to mum just to say “ can we go to town.”As it was 11:15am I pounced into the car so we could hit the road. As we almost got to Hastings I was wondering what I should get. I had a blurb of thinking that I should of got my bike or i pad or iPhone that the tooth fairy should of got me but she didn't but then I just realized that I only have $7.50 and I thought I had my $1000.00 but I didn't. Walking into the store Kmart I sprint to the stationary section thinking that I am in a shopping spree competition, but as I gram the money out of my wallet always forgetting that I only have $7.50 what a good brain my brain is working for today. Still looking at all the stationery stuff I see a little minnie fake shopping trolley which was $6.00. I grab the fake trolley and I just remembered I had $1.50 left. Turning my head around I see a big purple herendise rubber which was only a $1.40 so I grabbed it and bolted to the counter to shopping spree stuff payed I say. From about 2 minutes in the store I jumped back into the car and then mum said are we ready to roll and I said “ YES.” Driving back home from Hastings I start to close my eyes and as I hit the comfy car seat bed. Opening my eyes I end with a bong on my bed. Pulling my arm over my body I feel a plastic. As I fell my eyelashes stuck together when I was opening my eyes from my not so long of a sleep I forgot all about that shopping. Remembering what I got I pull open the plastic bag from my fake shopping spree I pull open the stationary that I got from kmart and starting to remember what I did today.Entering into the living room I bring my stationary out with me. Getting ready to lie on the couch dropping my stationary on the floor. I pounce down hitting my chin thinking OH OH imagining another tooth has came OUT ?  

I did this piece of writing because it was one of our learning experiences and I wanted to write about the experience on the day my tooth came out. What I could improve from this piece of writing is to put more wow factor about the parts when the tooth is falling out. What I enjoyed in this piece of writing was explaining about how it happened. The piece in this writing I could think about more is to try and not rush my vocabulary in it and make it my personal best and use a thesaurus.

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