Thursday, 1 December 2016


In Totara Whanau I have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest. Something we had to do with the Amazon Rainforest was to create a artefact. In this image this is my artefact. In my artefact I used cardboard tubes to make my tree's. I used grass to stick on the bottom of the base of the cardboard box and last I used clear blue cellophane for the river. I am proud of my artefact because I put all my hard work in the cardboard trees and all the other things. Something that challenges me was, trying to put the cardboard tubes on. Next time I should fill in all the gaps on the grass and tree's. In my artefact I used my perseverance muscle so I can keep stretching my art  and creating muscles so I can get better and better. Before I started my artefact I had to do some notes. I used my literacy book to put all my information about the rainforest. I used normal text books and used all the key words and then put them into my own sentences. 

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